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Learn to bring God into your habits one day at a time.


Find out what life WITH God can actually look like.

The Gratitude Challenge

Not simply learning about gratitude, but seeking to become more grateful people. The adventure begins…

Made To Count

Every person was created to make a difference in this world.


Swiss physician, Paul Tournier, is our teacher regarding choice, guilt, and grace.


Hear from the Fellowship of the Withered Hand as we revisit favorite episodes.

Become New

We journey through Willard’s “Renovation of the Heart” and learn what becoming new is all about.

Radical Acceptance

Acceptance is the answer.

Passage to Wisdom

From Dostoevsky to Lewis we reflect on lessons from some of the greats.

Hey John, I have a Question

Questions have the power to shape our lives.

First Thoughts

Start each day with one clarifying, challenging, inspiring thought.

From Ashes to Beauty

I can’t. He can. I think I’ll let him. A journey through Lent.


Troubled times are as old as they come but something new is breaking through.

Cultural Moments

Moments of reflection on current events.

Guest Appearances

Learn from the wisdom of others.

Stand Alone Episodes

Series-less thoughts on the person you’re becoming.

It should be easy to take your next step to becoming new.